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Luxury Property Specialist
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519 Tremont St Boston MA 02116-6306

Greg Dekermenjian

Greg Dekermenjian’s extensive professional experience spans the legal, business, and housing sectors in Boston. He now combines these unique insights with out-of-the box thinking and relentless energy to bring unmatched service to his clients. Whether searching for the perfect home, selling a property, or seeking an opportunity for investment, Greg strives to offer the most honest, efficient, and effective real estate experience for you.
Greg began his career as a lawyer at the Attorney General’s office where he directed the Abandoned Housing Initiative. In that role, Greg developed innovative strategies to eliminate systemic blight in cities and towns across Massachusetts by leveraging state, federal, and private resources. Through subsequent business and legal roles, he developed the unique combination of negotiation skills, business acumen, and local knowledge that make him a trusted real estate advisor and partner in the Boston market.
Greg has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from UCLA, and received his law degree from Boston University. He has been a resident of Boston for over 14 years and has vast knowledge of the individual neighborhoods and unique markets. In his spare time, Greg enjoys travelling, checking out new restaurants and spending time with his friends, family, and French bulldog.